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7 Signs You May Be Wearing Too Much of One Color ...

By Alicia

Are you guilty of wearing too much of one color? I’ve been there. I love to wear black and used to wear it in some way almost everyday. If you’ve been there, there are ways you can branch out without totally giving up the color you love. These are some signs you may be wearing too much of one color.

1 You Feel Strange when You Aren’t Wearing It

One sign you’re wearing too much of one color is if you feel strange when you aren’t wearing it. You just don’t feel right about your clothing choice if it doesn’t have your favorite color in it. When you do branch out and wear other colors, remind yourself that the only person that feels strange is you. Other people are probably thinking you look fabulous. With continued effort, you may find you love some other colors, too.

2 It’s the Dominant Color in Your Closet

Another sign you’re wearing too much of one color is when that color is the dominant one in your closet. You open your closet and that color screams at you. It’s in at least half of your clothing items. Your closet is full of that color because you’re naturally drawn to it. You can try challenging yourself to wear some of the different color clothing in your closet if you want to change things up.

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3 People Notice if You Don’t Wear It

If those close to you notice when you don’t have your favorite color of clothing on, you’re probably wearing too much of it. It’s good to have a color of clothing that you feel comfortable in. It’s also good to know that a certain color works for you. But you don’t have to limit yourself. Everyone has more than one color that looks good on them.

4 It’s the Only Color You Try on

If you’re guilty of wearing too much of one color, it’s probably the only color you try on when you go shopping. You’re just naturally pulled toward that color. You don’t notice all the other colors that are available. Make it a goal to try on at least one new color the next time you go shopping.

5 You Receive Different Color Clothing as Gifts

If you never seem to receive the color that you wear so much of as a clothing gift, that could be saying something. It could be that your friends and family are trying to give you a message. They may be trying to say that they’d love to see you in different colors. They probably chose a color that they think you’d look beautiful in. Give their clothing gift a chance; you could love it.

6 You Don’t Recall Wearing Other Colors

If you can’t recall the last time that you didn’t wear the color you wear so often, you may be wearing it too much. It’s easy to get in a clothing rut. You know what feels comfortable to you so you stick with it. But if you start trying to wear a variety of colors, that can become comfortable too. Just give yourself time.

7 You Buy the Color You Wear Most as Gifts for Others

If you really love a color, you probably buy it for others, too. It’s easy to think it works for you so it’ll work for others, too. This isn’t a bad thing. But it’s a sign you may be a bit too attached to that color. You can branch out. Try going slowly, like choosing a shade of raspberry if you’ve been stuck in pink.

Have you ever been in the habit of wearing one color all the time? How did you break out of the rut? Share your tips for others.

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