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8 Signs You're a Diva ...

By Elizabeth

Are you seeing the signs you're a diva? I find it rather funny to see just how far the term "diva" has changed through the years. A while back, I decided to look up the definition of "diva" and found that is began by simply being a principal female singer in an opera! Later, it became "a glamorous, popular, female performer, especially singer" and today, it basically means... well, I'll save that for the end of the article! For now, let's see if you are showing signs you're a diva!

1 A Mirror is Your Best Friend

You might be a diva if you find the need to always look at yourself in the mirror. Are you "that girl" that always has a hand mirror in her purse? Do you find the need to constantly check the restroom mirror when at a party? Do you spend hours in front of the mirrors at home? If you answerd yes to these questions, you are certainly on your way to showing signs you're a diva!

2 You Love Sparkles

You might be a diva if ninety percent of your clothing is covered in either sparkles or sequins. Your clothing screams "Look at me and know that I am in the house!" If you are known for the over-the-top clothes you wear (cough, cough Lady Gaga!) you definitely might be a diva!

3 You Crave Attention

If you are a girl in love with the spotlight, you might be a diva! Do you crave attention? Are you willing to get all eyes on you, even if you have to step on someone else to get high enough to be seen? If you answer yes, you should wear your "Diva" t-shirt tomorrow!

4 Facebook Has Hundreds of Pictures of You

If your Facebook photo albums are crammed full of pictures of you... you... oh, and more you, you are probably a diva. Is life all about you? "This is a picture of me reading my favorite book, and this is a picture of me in the bathroom after I just brushed my teeth." Is Diva your middle name?

5 You're Never Seen without Makeup

You might be a diva if your friends have never seen you without makeup! I love makeup, but I am not so in love with it that I don't mind going all natural every now and then. How about you? Are you "too diva" to head out with a bare face?

6 You Have Big Hair

If you are into Snooki poofs, you might be a diva. The bigger the hair, the more chance there is that you have diva blood coursing through your veins. People know you're in Walmart because they see your hair towering over the shelves! Look out! Diva coming through!

7 You're Sexy and You Know It

If your boyfriend cannot honestly sing "She Don't Know She's Beautiful" when singing about you, you are probably a diva! You walk and talk like you know what you have, and you are not afraid to let everyone see. I'm convinced, by this point, if you are saying, "She knows me so well," that you are most definitely a diva, but let's give you one more to be sure.

8 Your Hands Have Attitude

You might be a diva if your hands say as much as your mouth is saying. You know the type... finger pointed, swaying in front of the face while saying, "Oh no she didn't!" Your hands are very familiar with your hips and know their way around many different gestures, depending on your current level of sassiness. If this is you, you're a diva! (Yes, Honey Boo-Boo, you too, dear!)

As you have probably now guessed, by these 8 signs you're a diva, the current definition of "Diva" is someone in need of spotlight attention; a female who fancies herself as entitled as a princess or queen. So, be honest, are you a diva? I want to hear from you!

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