7 Signs You're Wearing the Wrong Bra Size ...

Did you know there are signs you’re wearing the wrong bra size? It is important to wear the correct bra size for the best fit and the best look. Many stores will give you a free bra sizing. If you have any of these signs you’re wearing the wrong bra size, it may be time to be resized.

1. Your Bra Leaves Marks on Your Body

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If your bra leaves marks on your body, it is one of the signs you’re wearing the wrong bra size. Your bra should never leave marks or indentations on your body. If you are seeing those, then you are more than likely are going to have some of the other signs mentioned here. The bra may be too tight or ill-fitting, causing it to pull more in one area and be unbalanced. If you see indentations or marks, consider changing your bra size.

2. Your Bra Droops in the Front

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If your bra droops in the front, it can be for several different reasons. It may be too big on you. It could be that it just needs to be adjusted. It could also be that it is just stretched out from use. It is pretty easy to determine which of these it is.

3. The Center of Your Bra Does Not Rest on Your Skin

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A bra is designed so that the center of it should rest against your skin. If it does not then it may not be fitting properly. If it pulls out from your body instead of lying flat against it then you need to consider being resized or at least trying on some different bra sizes. There are plenty of guides online to help you figure out how to measure yourself if you feel unsure of how to do so or if don’t want to have it done professionally. But rest assured that the employees that work in bra sales do not think anything negatively about assisting you with this.

4. The Straps Won’t Adjust Enough

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This is a problem that I run into frequently. It can mean that the bra is too big for you. It can also be a problem when you are petite like I am. For me, the problem is not that I am in the wrong size; it is that it is the wrong choice of bra. I have had to learn to look for bras that have fully adjustable straps instead of only partially adjustable.

5. There Are Lumps and Bumps

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Anytime there are lumps and bumps around your bra, it is not the right size bra for you. It is more than likely too small if you are encountering this problem. This commonly happens when you gain a few pounds or if you have went through a major body change such as childbirth. If you have lumps and bumps, your clothing is going to reflect that too and you will not have an attractive silhouette. It is way past time to have a fitting.

6. You Are Overflowing

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Overflowing means you are in the wrong size for sure, girlfriend. This one is pretty much a given. If you are overflowing, plan a bra shopping trip and soon. Yes, it is a hassle but you will feel much more confident when you are in the correct size and looking much sleeker in your clothing. Why not make a day of it and take a girlfriend along?

7. It Hurts

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Anytime you have pain from your bra, you are definitely in the wrong size. You should never hurt from your bra. Although we all know that bras are not the most comfortable garment, they should not cause pain. If your bra hurts, that is a sign to you that something is not correct with it. Do yourself a favor and purchase some that fit properly and are comfortable..

Many women are wearing the wrong bra size and have no idea. I would love to know how many of us have went for a fitting and found out we were in the wrong bra size. Has that happened to you?

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