7 Smart Shopping Tips ...


7 Smart Shopping Tips ...
7 Smart Shopping Tips ...

Shopping Tips can cover a range of topics, from planning and budgeting to the clothes you should wear on your shopping trip. Shopping for your wardrobe can be a daunting task at the best of times, so making it an enjoyable and fuss-free experience is important. No matter if you’re an avid shopper or someone who detests the pastime, having knowledge of a few key shopping tips will hopefully streamline your shopping experience. These are a few shopping tips to take into consideration next time you hit the shops.

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Plan and Prepare

One of the most important shopping tips is planning your purchases. Before you head off on your shopping adventure, plan what it is you actually want to achieve. Write a list of things that you need and set a budget. Sometimes spontaneous buys can be the worst, so stick to specific things that you need and want.


Wear the Right Stuff

When going clothes shopping, make sure your outfit for the day is comfortable and convenient. Wear fuss-free separates that are easy to get changed in and out of. Another shopping tip is to wear nude coloured underwear as this will work best with most types of clothing. Also make sure your makeup isn’t too heavy either as you don’t want to be leaving marks on clothes.


Try on Lots of Sizes

Take in more than one size into the change rooms with you. This is an important shopping tip when buying clothes as sizing between stores and brands can be quite inconsistent. As such, your usual size may not always be the best option. Go up or down either way in sizes and try each on to see which fits the best and is the most flattering.


Get a Feel for the Fabric

See how the fabric feels against your skin prior to buying. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin. Check to make sure that the fabric isn’t irritating or abrasive in any way. There’s no point forking out money to buy something only to not be able to wear it later.


Shop Alone

Sometimes when we shop in groups we can get sidetracked or swayed by the opinions of others. If you shop alone you can stay focused and it’s easier to go with your gut instinct when it comes to those tough ‘do I or don’t I’ decisions. Another component of this shopping tip is, if you initially choose not to buy an item, to sleep on it and make the decision after a bit of thought.


Shop for Your Reality

Sometimes what we want to wear doesn’t match our day to day realities. It’s all well and good dreaming of designer heels and avant garde jackets, but the reality is that they may not always be functional for our everyday lives. No matter if you’re a student, corporate type, or mother, you need a wardrobe that is first and foremost practical.


Don’t Compromise

This shopping tip is one of the most important. Sometimes the biggest mistake when it comes to shopping for clothes is settling on something that we aren’t 100% comfortable in. If you’re after the perfect jeans/heels/LBD then it’s important to be persistent. If an item is going to be a staple piece of your wardrobe, you want it to be something that is truly flattering.

These shopping tips should act as guidelines for the next time you hit the shops. Depending on what you’re shopping for and your specific situation, these shopping tips may vary. What are your best shopping tips?

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Very true, especially number 1 and 7! Many times I have bought something out of the blue and regretted it later.

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