7 Spectacular Polka Dot Pieces That Will Complement Your Style ...

From preppy blouses to printed harem pants, polka dot pieces have been dominating the closets of every trendsetter this fall season. I am here to bust the myth that only certain body types can wear this trend. As polka dots come in all shapes and sizes (just like people do), the key is to find a pattern and shade that best flatter your body. These spectacular polka dot pieces will help you revamp your style and will also complement the pieces already in your closet!

1. The Headscarf

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This is one of the most popular polka dot pieces spotted on the runway. The greatest aspect of a polka dot headband is that it gives you a great excuse to get creative. Make your headscarf the central part of your look by dressing in a color scheme that either compliments or contrasts your hair accessory.

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