8 Sporty Chic Workout Clothes ...

Workout Clothes and sportswear-inspired pieces are making a comeback on the runways. This season will see sportswear take centre stage. It will be easier than ever to find sporty looking clothes for your workout wardrobe. Adding a few new and improved workout clothes to your arsenal is also another way to get excited about exercise. Amp up your workout wardrobe with these chic workout clothes.

1. Topshop Airtex Crop

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Price: $32.00 at us.topshop.com
Mesh is one of the hottest fabrics for the season. It was all over the runways and is bound to filter into wardrobes soon enough. Get your fix with this chic sporty number. It has a cropped design and features cream airtex inserts at the sides and back. The inserts also function as ventilation to keep you cool during exercise!

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