7 Spring Dresses We Love ...

After what feels like the longest winter ever, I can’t wait to start wearing my spring dresses! I’ve been collecting them up as the new spring collections pop up, and it shouldn’t be long before we can start hiding away the winter clothes. Or at least wearing slightly less layers! I love all the different influences across the high street this season, and here’s my pick of spring dresses that you’ll love to wear. Remember, you can always team them with wellies!

1. Edgy Skater…

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I love skater dresses – they are so flattering, and utterly effortless to wear. And I’m going totally crazy for the Rihanna-esque makeover that they’ve had this season! Whether it’s styled rips, grungy materials or studs and badges, there are plenty of takes on this, and they are all so easy to wear. My favorite? This lace-topped skater. The white version is one of the most perfect everyday spring dresses, worn with a bright colored bra or crop top underneath, or with a classic monochrome pairing. It’s edgy without being too out there, and it looks great with a bright lip. Win.

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