Spring Fashion Trend: Beige Leather ...

The more the temperatures outside are rising, the more pressure there is to find the perfect spring fashion trends a non-runway person can actually pull off. This time, I thought I should look for something hip, and youthful, yet wearable, comfortable and classic-looking at the same time.

And among the gazillion of things I browsed both via Internet and via actual stores, the beige leather spring fashion trend seemed to be it.

Now, I know these Vanessa Bruno Athe leather shorts ($385) might be a little too much for some, but I find them absolutely adorable (why else do we spend so much time on that leg press machine in the gym if not wear shorts like these :) ? And with a loose-fitted top they would be just what the fashion editors ordered for this spring!

The Dona Karan vintage-leather cropped biker jacket needs no explanation. It's fun, yet classy and the neutral color makes it so versatile, you can wear it with anything and anywhere looking your very fabulous best. Add a wide black bangle by R.J. Graziano ($65) and you've completed your fashionable yet polished look!

Another find for the beige leather spring fashion trend were the Ugg loafers ($100) in tobacco. I know many people are disgussed with the very combination of letters U G G, but you've got to make an exception for these loafers. Not only they look great, they feel great: warm and cozy, and comfortable. Your little feet will thank you for giving them a little break from those 4 inch heels.

There are plenty more beige leather things that are equally fabulous. Do you think you'll give this spring fashion trend a try? If so, which item you will go with?

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