7 Statement Making Dip Dye Clothes ...

Dip dye clothes are having a bit of a trending moment. Other buzz words that refer to dip dyed clothing include “ombré” and “degradé”. The general effect, however, is the same with clothing consisting of a change between one or more colours. Slight variations may depend on the desired effect, with the colour change either being dramatic and harsh or something that is more gradual. If this is a look you want to try out this season, take a look at the dip dye clothing featured below.

1. Topshop Dip Dye Foil Textured Sweat

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Price: $56.00 at us.topshop.com
This luxe textured sweater features subtle dip dye detailing. It’s made from a cream knit and features silver flecks and a blue dip dye effect at the hem. Work a relaxed weekend look by teaming this sweater with jeans, and strappy sandals.

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