7 Stellar Hair Accessories ...

Stellar Hair Accessories are a great addition to any 'do. Primping and preening, straightening and curlingβ€”no matter how you style your luscious locks, your style is bound to get boring every once in a while, which is why investing in some stellar hair accessories is worthwhile. Aside from highlights or radical dye-jobs, giving your hair that illusive oomph can be frustratingly difficult. Accessorizing your hair in childhood was certainly a lot easier. I, for one, remember the dozen of beads, clips, braids, and headbands that I worked into my hair in order to get that cool, funky look. Take a page out of your childhood book and bring some verve to your mane with these trendy hairpieces and other stellar hair accessories.

1. Golden Twig Hairpins

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Price: $24.00 at shanalogic.com
Vintage antique is definitely in right now and bobby pins never lose their utility, so combine the best of both worlds with these golden hairpins fashioned into adorable, budding twigs. Get seventies retro with a plaid skirt and skinny jeans or wear with a simple cardigan for a look of sensible cuteness. Either way, these stellar hair accessories will definitely add to your look!

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