7 Street Style Trends for Spring 2013 ...

Street style trends for Spring 2013 are a great source of inspiration for putting together your new season looks. Sometimes the style we see outside the fashion shows is equally as drool-worthy as the styles on show during fashion weeks. Magazine editors, fashion bloggers, and even your ordinary everyday folk can influence trends just as much as the big name designers. Check out these street style trends for Spring 2013.

1. Chic Sweaters

One of the top street style trends for Spring 2013 is the sweater. Now, I’m not talking about that oversized sweater you’ve had for ages that’s stretching out of shape. This season’s sweaters are sleek and structured – maybe even made out of neoprene. They feature bold graphic prints and patterns, and know how to make a statement. Team your chic sweaters with mini skirts and shorts, and accessorise them with modern looking accessories.