Style Inspiration to Steal from Kendall Jenner ...

Although a lot of people would argue that Kendal Jenner is simply known for her famous family, she becomes more well known for her supermodel work every single day. Regardless of how you know her, you must admit that she’s insanely fashionable. Not only does she come from one of the most stylish families in Hollywood, but she’s also a supermodel. She couldn’t be more stylish if she tried! If you’re looking to copy her style, I’m sure that these tips will have you covered. Whether you want to dress like her or emulate her entire look, this list is exactly what you’re looking for!

1. Don’t Think about It Too Much

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Kendall Jenner is from Southern California, and even though she’s a supermodel now, she grew up as a tomboy, and it shows through in her style. Even though her style is always flawless, you can tell that she doesn’t worry too much about what she’s wearing. The first step to dressing like Kendall Jenner is by not thinking too much about your look.

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