Style 😎 Rules πŸ“œ to Steal from French πŸ‡«πŸ‡· Women πŸ‘© ...

I know it’s kind of a stereotype, but don’t you find French women as a whole to be beautiful, sophisticated, stylish creatures? After all, stereotypes tend to grow from a grain of truth and reality, right!? From the timeless elegance of designers like Coco Chanel to more modern creations at the hands of designers like Vanessa Bruno, there is just something about French design and French femininity that is a step above in terms of class, grace, and aesthetic pleasure. If you want to inject a little bit of European essence into your own fashion choices, then here are some key style rules to steal from French women!

1. Forget Trends

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The first French style rule to adhere to is to completely forget about the latest trends that you see in magazines and online! If you follow each and every trend, you end up looking like just another pretty girl in the street. If you follow your heart rather than what’s written on glossy pages, you will evoke your own kind of sophisticated style that feels different to everyone else.

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