7 Style Stars to Look at for Inspiration in 2015 ...

When it comes to finding style inspiration, I always look at my favorite celebrities first. Whether they’re walking down the street or the red carpet, these celebrities always have the best style, and if you’re looking for some style inspiration in the 2015, these celebrities are the people you should be watching. They ended 2014 with amazing style and sure to rock the newest and greatest trends again this year. No matter what your style is, there are definitely celebrities on this list whose style you’ll be pining for this year!

1. Lily Collins

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We’re barely into 2015, and Lily Collins’s red carpet style is already changing the game. Late in 2014 she was busy promoting Love, Rosie and rocked every red carpet she was on. This month, Love, Rosie is premiering on this side of the pond, meaning that she’ll be continuing her reign of every red carpet she walks on! Look out for her for style inspiration this year!

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