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When it comes to finding style inspiration, I always look at my favorite celebrities first. Whether they’re walking down the street or the red carpet, these celebrities always have the best style, and if you’re looking for some style inspiration in the 2015, these celebrities are the people you should be watching. They ended 2014 with amazing style and sure to rock the newest and greatest trends again this year. No matter what your style is, there are definitely celebrities on this list whose style you’ll be pining for this year!

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Lily Collins

Lily Collins We’re barely into 2015, and Lily Collins’s red carpet style is already changing the game. Late in 2014 she was busy promoting Love, Rosie and rocked every red carpet she was on. This month, Love, Rosie is premiering on this side of the pond, meaning that she’ll be continuing her reign of every red carpet she walks on! Look out for her for style inspiration this year!


Emma Stone

Emma Stone Emma Stone’s pants-ensemble at the Golden Globes instantly became an iconic look after she made that bold choice, and she continued on with that theme with her SAG Awards look. Whether she’s on the red carpet or just walking the streets of New York with her boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, her style is always perfect, making her someone to look at for style inspiration this year!


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Of course, Jennifer Aniston’s style is always perfect, no matter what she’s wearing, and this past award season has been evidence of that. However, lately a lot of people are pulling style inspiration from one of her past roles, Rachel from Friends. Maybe it’s because Friends was just put on Netflix, or maybe it’s because the 90s are back, but it seems like everywhere I go, people are looking to emulate some of Rachel Green’s most iconic looks!


Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling Whether Mindy Kaling is taking pictures for Instagram or playing her alter ego, Mindy Lahiri for her TV show, her style is always perfect. Although I always look to her for style inspiration, I think that this year especially, she’ll be the one we’re all looking at for style inspiration!


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Although 2014 was a huge year for Taylor Swift, 2015 is set to be just as huge. She’s going on tour, so we’ll have gorgeous outfits to look forward to every night. Plus, she’ll definitely be on a few red carpets after 1989’s success, so we’re sure to get tons of style inspiration from her this year!



Rihanna How does Rihanna always look absolutely perfect? Near the end of 2014, she wore a gorgeous Altuzarra suit to a MAC AIDs Fund event that’s sure to have you lusting after her entire 2015 wardrobe. Regardless if she’s on a red carpet or on vacation, she always looks absolutely gorgeous!


Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland Sarah Hyland has always looked so stylish and perfect! She really showcased that in 2014, but I think that 2015 is going to be her year, especially style-wise. As per usual, Modern Family is nominated for a ton of awards, which means that we’ll get a ton of red carpet looks from her in the next few months!

Who are the style stars you’re paying attention to this year? So far, I think Lily Collins will be one of the best-dressed celebrities of the year! Give me your own thoughts and ideas in the comments!

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Not too often Rihanna looks nice .. Hooker style isn't quite what we want women to go for

Lily Collins x

Lily Collins is awesome! She's got a great style, love it!

Rihanna always looks great. I cant stand when people bash her risky style. Don't be mad at Rihanna bcus you can't look as good as she does wearing barely there clothing

Lily? Really???

I'm so glad to see Taylor Swift on this list... her fashion sense has changed so much over her career and I'm sure her 1989 era will be filled with a ton of amazing fashion. Taylor Swift really never does go out of style ;)

Love Rihanna!

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