8 Charmingly Quaint Style Tips for the Holiday Seasons ...


8 Charmingly Quaint Style Tips for the Holiday Seasons ...
8 Charmingly Quaint Style Tips for the Holiday Seasons ...

Style Tips for the holidays are coming up ladies! Are you ready? Well, after you read the top 8 style tips that I have in store, I know that you'll be ready for any and all things fashionable this holiday season! We all know that style tips constantly change, but this holiday season is full of cheer and fashion that will make you look beautiful this holiday season!

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Glitter Galore

Let's talk a little bit about glitter this season ladies! One of the first style tips that we are going to explore all revolves around making everything sparkle and shine. Glitter on your eyes, a shimmering top or even some crystal pumps will really set your look off and will make you completely in fashion!


Layer up

We all know that winter is freezing – so layer it up! While autumn is all about layering on sweaters and tanks, why not throw in a coat on top of a sweater? Mix and match it – I promise that you'll stay warm and look totally fashion-forward!


Rich Color

This season is all about the color. While your Little Black Dress might look tempting, throw in a colorful belt to dress it up. I know this is one of the style tips that I'm going to incorporate into my everyday outfits!


Bold Make up

Don't just dust on a bit of powder this season, really glam it up! This holiday season is all about bolding out your make up and making you stand out. Flashy eyeshadow? Red lips? Do it all ladies!


Chunky Jewelry

Statement jewelry has been one of the style tips that I have followed all year, but for the holidays? It's all about the statement necklaces, bracelets and even belts. Choose just one statement piece though and tone down the rest. It makes a huge difference ladies!



The one thing that I love about winter is that velvet is back in style. Velvet is so, so soft, so incredible feeling on and so warm! So ladies, dig your velvet out of your closet and dust it off, because this season's style tips are all about velvet!



You don't have to have an outfit full of texture, but a shirt, some pants or even a textured accessory like a scarf or belt, can really pull together a look. Just add in one textured item and I swear it makes all of the difference. For me – I always add in a textured knitted scarf to add in a little flare.


No Denim

Now, I'm not saying that you need to ditch all of your jeans, but retire them for a little while. Instead, go with slacks, black, brown or even beige. Pair it with a great top and you got a fantastic look!

Style tips for the holidays are not that much different than style tips for everyday. Just add in a little flare, a little surprise and make it fashionable. What are some of your favorite holiday styles ladies? Give it up!

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