7 Style Tips for Wearing the Boxy Jacket This Season ...

When it comes to tips for wearing the boxy jacket, proportion is the key. Boxy and oversized silhouettes have been trending for some time now but they’re not always the most flattering. The boxy jacket can be especially tricky to pull off. However, with a bit of styling know-how, you can be rocking this trend in no time at all. Take a look at our top tips for wearing the boxy jacket.

1. Keep It Cropped

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The boxy jacket can be quite an overwhelming silhouette. One of the big tips for wearing the boxy jacket is to get the right cut and fit. While a long boxy jacket might work on the runways, this doesn’t always translate well into real life. For most of us, a cropped boxy jacket is where it’s at. They’re the most flattering and versatile styles for an everyday wardrobe.

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