7 Styles That Have Been Recycled ...

While we think we think we are starting new trends and are the fashionistas of our time, we are really wearing styles that have been recycled. Styles that our parents wore back in their time. Our generation has definitely found ways to make our parents' old styles look good, but we can’t give ourselves credit. We owe it to the generations before us, because without them we would have no styles to recycle. Take a look at these 7 styles that have been recycled and see if you have been influenced by past generations.

1. Denim Jackets

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Denim jackets are one of the coolest styles that have been recycled. Denim itself is pretty popular, but whoever decided to bring the jacket back made the right decision. I have fallen under the pressure to buy a denim jacket, because they are adorable and you can wear them in several ways; Most of the time I wear mine with a cute t-shirt and leggings. If I’m feeling brave I’ll dress it up and wear it with a dress and sandals. If you haven’t recycled this fashion give in and buy yourself a denim jacket!

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