7 Lifesaving Styling Hacks for Curvy Girls Wanting an on Point Look ...


7 Lifesaving Styling Hacks for Curvy Girls Wanting an on Point Look ...
7 Lifesaving Styling Hacks for Curvy Girls Wanting an on Point Look ...

Looking for styling tips for curvy girls? Look no further. This’s the article you’ve been hoping to find. It can give you the styling tips you need to help you make the most of your curvy figure.

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Wear the Right Size

pink, photograph, clothing, dress, lady, If you’re a curvy girl then it’s very important to wear the right size of clothing. Wearing clothing that’s too small can actually make you look bigger than you really are. People will notice ill-fitting clothing instead of noticing you if you’re wearing clothes that’re too small. As a girl that’s been curvy, I know the temptation to squeeze into a smaller size. Don’t do it. Wear the size that fits you correctly for the most flattering results.


Wear Heels

white, red, clothing, jeans, shoulder, Heels are slimming for any woman. This’s especially important if you’re petite and curvy. The shorter you are, the more your weight seems to show. As a 5’2’’ girl, I know this for a fact. Wearing heels gives you the illusion of being taller and slimmer. Even a small kitten heel can give you an edge up, no pun intended.


Try on a Wrap Dress

clothing, dress, girl, shoulder, lady, Wrap dresses can be your best friend if you’re a curvy girl. They tie at your natural waist, which is generally the slimmest area of your body, and give you a pretty hourglass shape. Additionally, wrap dresses are very forgiving and help to hide any bumps and lumps you may want hidden. It creates a sleek silhouette that you’ll love. Just make sure you don’t pull the tie too tight or you’ll do away with some of the benefits a wrap dress promises.


Make the Most of Your Curves

little black dress, footwear, fashion model, shoulder, dress, In other words, if you have a tiny waist, show it off. If you know that jeans make the most of your derrière, make them a regular staple in your wardrobe. Figure out how to showcase your curves in the best way. This doesn’t mean dressing too sexy but rather making the most of what you’ve got. One of the best pieces of advice I ever received in relation to fashion was to dress a little sexy but be sure to leave something for the imagination. This’s a skill all women should know.


Avoid the Tent Dress

clothing, white, dress, fashion model, fashion, Ladies, avoid the tent dress at all costs. This isn’t a flattering fashion choice and makes you look bigger. Resist the urge to hide in your clothing. Your curves are beautiful. Wear clothing that fits and flatters you.


Direct the Focus Away from Problem Areas

clothing, white, yellow, jeans, shoulder, You want to highlight the parts of your body that you feel are most attractive and direct the focus away from the areas you feel self-conscious about. If you tend to carry weight in your tummy then wear a blazer to take the focus off your muffin top. If you have a tiny waist, cinch your cardigans in with a skinny belt. It’s all about pointing out the positive. When you do this, you’re directing attention away from problem areas.


Dress with Confidence

clothing, dress, fashion model, fashion, photo shoot, Lastly, and probably most importantly, dress with confidence. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Have confidence in yourself and your appearance. It always shows to others. Hold your head high and know what a lovely girl you are. When you send that message out to others then they’re certain to see it, too.

These’re 7 styling tips for curvy girls. Which ones do you need to work on? You’re very welcome to share your tips, too!

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The first tip is the most disgusting, disrespectful thing I have heard thus far on these "curvy girl" posts.

I'm petite and curvy and mostly avoid loose dresses - they have to be fitted on the bodice, otherwise I feel big! I'm at 5'4 and got the goods in the bum and boobs department lol!

That's not disrespectful it's a helpful hint. Women in general are too obsessed with a number on a tag than they are with the fit of clothing. Every body type could take note from that tip.

Pamela, you obviously do not know what a curvy girl looks like....

These are not curvy girls. A curvy girl has big boobs and a relativly round ass without being obese those arent curvy they're other bodytypes a curvy girl is an hourglass figure

Hey girls! Can someone please tell me if there any hairstyling ideas for girls with big foreheads. I searched here but can't find any. I feel insecure about my big forehead sometimes and I can never pull my hair back and even if I do I don't feel confident. So please tell me if there's is any article here or I request if any of you guys can write one. Thankyou:)

Yes Kellee! Fitted bottoms and flowy top is my go to. So flattering on almost every body type.

I'm a curvy girl (size 13) and dressing for my body type is a pain in the ass but I do love my booty and big hips ❤️


I know it's irrelevant here but still...😁😁

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