7 Stylish and Modern Boucle Jackets ...

Boucle jackets are a stylish way to work some 60s inspired styling into your look. They’re also a great way to work a textural element into your outfit. 60s influences and texture are two big trends for this upcoming fall season, so you’ll be on top of the game decked out in a chic boucle jacket. If you’re after a bit more of a modern interpretation of this trend, be sure to take inspiration from the following stylish boucle jackets.

1. Premium Boucle Biker Jacket

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Price: $59.65 at us.asos.com.
Make sure to choose boucle jackets in bright colours this season. This biker style jacket comes in an on-trend orange colour. This jacket also comes with a matching pair of shorts, and when worn together would be the ideal modern interpretation of the boucle tweed suit.

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