7 Stylish Caps to Top off Your Spring/Summer Looks ...

Stylish caps are a great way to work some sporty touches into your outfit. There’s no better time to pop on a baseball or trucker-style cap than right now. Leather-look caps are cool and contemporary while printed caps are a bit more playful. You can wear them with anything from sleek shift dresses to jeans and t-shirts. If you’re keen to try out this trend then take a look at the following set of stylish caps.

1. High Shine Cap

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When it comes to picking out stylish caps, avoid anything too dowdy or casual with a high shine cap. You can’t go wrong with basic black, and this trucker-style cap from ASOS features a patent leather-look front. It also has a mesh back and adjustable snap-back fastening. It’ll set you back around $20 and would look great teamed with a slouchy top, asymmetrical mini skirt, and ankle boots.

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