10 Stylish Refashion Ideas from a Pair & a Spare ...

Stylish Refashion Ideas are always fun. They are great inspirations for those who are in a shopping ban or who feel like getting creative with their current wardrobe. And if you speak of stylish refashion ideas, there is no one more creative than Geneva of A Pair & A Spare. From her blog: Geneva believes in a sustainable approach to fashion and revels in making old new and on-trend using sewing, beading, studding, refashioning and a host of other projects. My kind of fashionista! The following are some of the** awesome and stylish refashion ideas** that Geneva has shared with her fans:

1. Neon-Lined Lace Mini Skirt

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Neon is HUGE these days. Now for those who don't really care for wearing neon proudly but still want to give it a try, this** stylish refashion idea** is what you need. Check out Geneva's fab tutorial on how to line a lace skirt with bright neon lining.


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