7 Stylish Scarves That Will Amp up Your Fall Wardrobe ...

One of the great things about fall is that you get to wear stylish scarves that keep you warm and look great. Scarves are a fantastic way to create a fashionable look. They elevate a simple T-shirt, and they make business casual looks a whole lot more interesting. As great as scarves are, it is usually too hot in the summer to wear them. Even light scarves can make your neck hot. However, when the weather starts to turn chilly in the fall, it is nice to have stylish scarves to wrap around your neck and keep you warm and cozy. Thankfully, there are many stylish options to choose from this season.

1. Mariacarla Embroidered Scarf

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The Mariacarla Scarf from Anthropologie features beautiful floral embroidery, easily making it one of the perfect stylish scarves for fall that you can choose from. Not only is it right on point with the botanical fall trend, but the rich tones are just what the chilly season calls for. Wearing this scarf with an ivory sweater will keep the focus on the beautiful scarf, and you will be the fashion envy of all your friends.

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