7 Stylish Taylor Swift Outfits That Are Awesome ...

I am positive that fashion critics everywhere will agree that the power behind each of the stylish Taylor Swift outfits lies in the fact that they share a vintage-inspired theme. From a strictly objective point of view, I find that her tendency to lean towards certain pieces from different eras causes her to be a mega trendsetter; the amount of details she puts into every look makes her overall appearance seem timeless. While I am indifferent when it comes to her music, I can freely admit that her style is always on point! Gathered below are a few of my favorite retro-infused and stylish Taylor Swift outfits.

1. Bandage Dress – Much Music Awards 2013

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This pleasing foray into modern fashion makes this dress one of the most stylish Taylor Swift outfits of the season! I love the bold and contrasting details on this bandage dress by designer Herve Leger. The sleek lines and close fit show that Taylor is not afraid to jump out of her comfort zone and keep her fans on their toes!

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