9 Stylish Wide Brim Hats You'll Want to Wear Right Now ...

Wide brim hats are having a bit of a fashion moment right now. We’ve spotted the wide brim hat, in various forms, on several designer runways lately. It’s the ideal way of updating your outfit for the season ahead. You can’t beat a classic fedora, but straw sunhats are also a stylish choice for the sunny days ahead. These are a few wide brim hats worth checking out right now.

1. ASOS Wide Brim Felt Fedora Hat

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Wide brim hats like this black fedora would make a stylish addition to any outfit this season. It has a classic pinched crown design with a wide brim and trim band. It’s made from pure wool and has a felt finish. Wear it with anything from sheer blouses and pleated skirts to chunky sweaters and skinny jeans. This ASOS number will set you back around $40 but you can check out Forever 21 for a similar version under $20.

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