7 Summer Rompers You Need to Own ...

I’ve pretty much lived in my summer rompers these past few days. When the thermostat shoots up, it’s essential to have some easy-to-wear clothes that are comfortable and stylish, and rompers are perfect for that – and they are pretty darn flattering, too. Considering my washing pile is now huge, today’s task was to find some more gorgeous summer rompers – and here are my faves.

1. Formal Fancy…

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Yep, I’ve even been searching for summer rompers to wear for those formal occasions! I love this one, with its monochrome print, wrap-over style and structured waist. It’s loose enough to keep you cool whatever the temperature, but the tailoring and pattern make it smart enough for some formal occasions – just add a satchel and some court shoes. You can get it at ASOS for $76.36.

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