7 Summer Sweaters That Are Light Enough to Wear to the Beach ...

When you hear the word summer, you may not think of wearing summer sweaters. However, if you are by the windy beach a lot, sweaters and hoodies are must-have items. The water will cool you off on a typical summer day, but when the wind picks up you can feel outright cold. To survive chilly beach breeze without getting too hot, try some of these summer sweaters out.

1. Wing It Sweater

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This sweater is so beautiful, and the white color is the essence of summer sweaters. The gorgeous wing detail will have you looking relaxed and stylish at the same time. There are also holes at the bottom for better ventilation, keeping you cool while wearing this. It is available in neon pink, neon yellow, light blue, and black as well. Because of the white color, it would be lovely to pair a neon bandeau or bikini underneath it at the beach. You can buy this lovely sweater on tobi.com for only $44.

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