7 Super Awesome Moschino Products You'll Love ...

Moschino rocks and I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves this brand! In fact, I believe there are tons of other Moschino fans out there eager to treat themselves with a Moschino goodie or two for Christmas. Now, I know the prices of these awesome pieces are often too high for an average fashion-addicted working girl but since this is the time of super huge sales, a girl can always hope for a good bargain! So, let’s see what’s on sale and what’s too cute to miss out on right now:

1. Love Moschino Astrakan Shoulder Bag

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Price: $432.25 at amazon.com
This show-stopping bag won’t help you save much but it’s a truly unique piece I just had to show you today! Now, as you know, most Moschino pieces are made to help you stand out and I believe this gorgeous faux Astrakan bag will do just that. Gold-toned scalloped edges really make it stand out so I’d suggest it to all of you brave ladies who aren’t afraid to incorporate a bit of blitz and glitz into your everyday style.

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