7 Super Simple Tips to Dress Warmly in Winter ...


7 Super Simple Tips to Dress Warmly in Winter ...
7 Super Simple Tips to Dress Warmly in Winter ...

Winters seem to get longer and colder. That means we need to dress more warmly and we also spend more money on heating. Wearing the right clothing can help reduce your heating bills - something we all appreciate! Or perhaps you find that one part of you gets cold (for me it's the wrists), and you just need to warm up that part. Try these tips to dress warmly in winter and keep out the chill …

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Layer up

Layer up One of the most effective tips to dress warmly is to wear layers. Pick breathable fabrics like cotton so that you don't get too hot. Wearing more layers warms up the center of your body, so the blood flows to your extremities. This helps keep your hands and feet warm. Choose layers that you can easily remove when you go into a warmer environment.


Happy Head

Happy Head Hats are a must when it's cold, so always wear one when you go out. Everyone has a style that suits them, and even if you think that they don't suit you, wearing a hat is far better than freezing. You can even wear a hat indoors. Would you feel silly? That doesn't matter if it helps keep you warm - who's going to see you?



Pantyhose You can buy pantyhose in a very high denier these days, and those will definitely keep your legs warm. I have some of 280 denier, and believe me I don't get cold when I'm wearing them! The woolly type are also really good. If you don't have any that thick, you can also layer two pairs; this can look great if you layer an open pattern over colored hose.


Wrist Warmers

Wrist Warmers I often find that my wrists are left exposed by sleeves that are just that little bit too short, so they (and my hands) get cold. Wrist warmers are the answer! Here are some gorgeous wrist warmers I am going to make - if you have the short sleeve problem as well, try making your own. You can then keep warm while looking really stylish as well!



Gilet I swear by my gilet for keeping warm. It's made of a faux suede material (so washable), and lined with fake fur. As I mentioned in point 1, warming up the center of your body then has the knock-on effect of warming up your extremities. So grab a gilet - whether puffy, faux fur or fleece, you'll be warmer in no time.


Shawl/ Wrap

Shawl/ Wrap Shawls and wraps are a good way to warm up quickly, and perfect if you're reading or watching TV. If you're chilly and crafty, then you can make yourself a shawl. There are tons of free patterns on the net, for beginners to skilled knitters and crocheters. Or snuggle under a blanket or throw.


Fur Collar

Fur Collar If your neck is the part of you that suffers most from the cold, a fur collar or cape could be the answer. It's certainly more stylish than a woolly scarf! A fur collar is also good for keeping warm indoors if your jumper has a fairly low neck.

By following these tips you can dress both warmly and stylishly. What's your favorite winter garment to keep out the chill?

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