Super Simple 👌🏼 Tricks to Make Cheap 💸 Clothes Look Expensive 👗👠 ...

Not every woman who looks smart and polished has spent loads of money on designer labels. If you have to (or choose to) shop at high street stores you can still look like you’ve been picking items off racks in high end stores. Read on if you want to know how to make your clothes look more expensive.

1. Opt for an Alternative Fabric Rather than the Real Thing

One of the best ways to make cheap clothes look expensive is to opt for more durable and cheaper alternative versions of well-loved fabrics. Suede and leather, for example, can be very expensive, especially in large amounts like a jacket or coat Investing in a piece of clothing that is made from a vegan alternative looks just as great, is more ethically sound and will give you the same high fashion look for more than half the cost!

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