7 Superb Sun Hats to Keep You Shaded from the Sun ...

Being able to wear big, floppy sun hats is one of the great things about summer. Sun hats are so much fun to wear, and they also make a big fashion statement, which is one of the reasons why I love them. I also love them because they have the added benefit of shading my fair skin from the sun. If you have fair skin, or if you just love wearing hats, you will adore all of these fabulous sun hats from Zappos. They are all stylish, and they will all shade you from the sun.

1. Columbia Sun Ridge Hat

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The Columbia Sun Ridge Hat is one of the sun hats that combine fashion and function. This hat has an SPF of 30, which means it really will protect you from the sun’s rays. Aside from protecting you from the sun, the Columbia Sun Ridge Hat will also keep you fashionable this summer. The navy blue and white stripes are chic and perfect for wearing with a white sun dress.

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