7 Sweaters to Wear This Winter No Matter Your Style ...

It’s officially sweater weather, which means that the search for sweaters for winter is in full swing. As someone who lives in a (very) cold-weather state, I don’t think I could survive without most of the sweaters for winter on this list. They’ll keep you warm on the coldest days without sacrificing your own sense of style, which isn’t always easy when it gets really cold. If you’re looking for the ultimate sweater to wear this winter, there will definitely be something on this list for you!

1. The Cape

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Since the day Taylor Swift wore her cape while walking around New York City, it seems like everyone is coveting a cape/poncho hybrid to wear while they go on their own adventures. It’s one of the most perfect sweaters for winter, no matter your style, because it will always keep you fashionable and warm! Sure, you may be a little wary to try this out after the poncho fiasco of 2004, but just convince yourself that this is much more chic. If Taylor Swift can rock it, so can you!

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