7 Sweet Tiered Dresses ...

Tiered dresses, skirts, and even tops are white-hot this summer, and one peek at the line-up in your fave shops will tell you why β€” the trend is super-flattering, flirty, and fun! If you’re looking to add the trend to your wardrobe, I can help! Here are 7 sweet tiered dresses…

1. Homeland Honey Dress

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Price: $47.99 at modcloth.com
How sweet! This semi-sheer tiered dress is just adorable, made of a light-weight linen/cotton blend, ideal for hot summer days in the country or the city. I love the neutral easy-match charcoal grey color, and the crocheted details are so cute! And I like that rather than being tiered at the hem, this one’s layered at the neckline. Unique!

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