7 Taylor Swift Inspired Items to Add to Your Wardrobe ...

Now that 1989 has been released, you can admit that you need some Taylor Swift inspired items in your wardrobe. Not only is she an angelic singer, but she has an amazing fashion sense. She doesn't dress like everyone else in the industry, which makes her style worth paying attention to. Here are a few of the cutest Taylor Swift inspired items that you could add to your wardrobe:

1. High Waisted Shorts

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Taylor loves to wear crop tops, which is why it's useful to have high waisted shorts laying around. That way, you can wear a short top without showing off too much of your midriff. Of course, you can also wear longer shirts and tuck them into your shorts. Either way, this is one of the Taylor Swift inspired items that you need to purchase if you haven't done so already.

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