7 Telling Signs You're a Lazy Dresser ...


Has anyone ever accused you of always rotating the same outfits and it’s got you wondering if you’re exhibiting the classic signs you’re a lazy dresser? Well, you’re not alone. I go through periods of time when I’m a very lazy dresser and I’m quite certain people think I’m either a total fashion disaster or I only own 2 outfits! Check out these 7 telling signs you’re a lazy dresser and see if you’re guilty of getting lazy with your wardrobe!

1. Casual Corner

One of the top signs you’re a lazy dresser is if your closet consists of mainly T-shirts and jeans. Or you could be like me and have tops in all different colors, shapes and sizes but always reach for a classic scoop neck T and dark wash jeans when it comes to getting ready to go somewhere. Some days I literally have one second to make a decision on what to wear but even when I have time to pick and choose, I usually go for the plain and easy stuff that doesn’t require too much coordinating!

Fashion Deja Vu
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