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It's no doubt that we're right into fall and winter is fast approaching (brrr!) so that means it's time to invest in a great coat to get you through the colder days to come. Keep reading to find out which coat style is the best choice for you! 😃

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Aries ♈️

hair, clothing, jacket, leather, outerwear, Every Aries girl loves a good bomber jacket and everyone knows you love to make a fashion statement! Opt for embellished or monogrammed bomber jackets this fall.


Taurus ♉️

color, red, clothing, lady, beauty, Taurus girls can't choose between style and comfort, so why not have both?! Puffer jackets are basically like wearable sleeping bags in terms of the comfort factor, plus they've totally improved since you wore one as a kid!


Gemini ♊️

clothing, jacket, outerwear, leather, blazer, The perfect choice of coat for Gemini girls has got to be anything leather! You love edgy, daring pieces since you're always looking for a chance to show your personality through your clothes!


Cancer ♋️

clothing, red, lady, beauty, fur, Nothing will look better on a Cancer girl this fall than a stylish patchwork coat. Preferably, go for one in bright and vibrant colours to stand out for all the right reasons!


Leo ♌️

clothing, red, coat, pink, outerwear, Leo ladies know how to cheer up anyone feeling blue, maybe it's because of your amazing taste in bright colours! This fall opt for a bright peacoat that's sure to get you noticed.


Virgo ♍️

pink, clothing, sleeve, purple, spring, A colourful belted trench is the perfect choice of coat for all Virgo ladies this fall. How can anyone say no to a classic piece with a smart, modern twist such as a bright colour?


Libra ♎️

fur clothing, clothing, fur, outerwear, textile, Libra ladies love the luxurious life, which is why faux fur coats (and basically anything shaggy and fluffy) is the choice of coat for you this fall. Time to start giving off those super luxe vibes!


Scorpio ♏️

clothing, footwear, outerwear, pattern, coat, A military style jacket or coat is your must-have for this fall. The simple reason why is because Scorpio ladies are known for their powerful attitude and their super refined taste, as well as their love for anything structured when it comes to fashion.


Sagittarius ♐️

clothing, snapshot, road, footwear, street, Every Sagittarius girl loves to play around with colour and incorporate it into their outfit whenever possible, so that's why bright and colourful plaid or printed outerwear is perfect for you this fall!


Capricorn ♑️

clothing, dress, fashion, beauty, spring, Does anyone do sophistication and ambitious quite like your fellow Capricorn, Kate Middleton? I don't think so! Take a leaf out of her book and opt for beautiful coat dresses this fall.


Aquarius ♒️

clothing, pink, footwear, outerwear, fashion, Aquarius aren't afraid to stand out, so an unconventional piece such as a cape is a must-have for you this fall. Not only do you always know how to pull of pieces but it's also a super creative take on ordinary, classic coats!


Pisces ♓️

clothing, outerwear, sleeve, leather, jacket, A duster coat is the best choice for Pisces this fall, simply due to the fact that they're super light, flowy and loose. Anything in this style will be right up your alley!

What's your favourite type of coat to bundle up in during fall and winter? 🍂 🍁 ⛄️ ❄️

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nice article


@Splashhhh that's a shame! These star sign posts are just a bit fun though, meant to be entertaining and a light hearted read 😂

I am aries and I wouldnt wear that jacket or style in hundred years

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