The Best Styles to Steal from Every Decade ...

Even though we're already in 2015, there's nothing stopping you from stealing looks from all the way back in the 30s. If you want to start your own trends, then you can mix and match styles from whichever decades you'd like. It'll make you stand out amongst the women who stick to current fashion trends. Here are the best styles to steal from every decade:

1. 20 and 30's Cloche Hats

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There's no one better to take fashion advice from than Blair Waldorf. You don't see these hats around often, but they're just as beautiful now as they were back in the day. As long as you find the right color, it shouldn't be hard to pair it with an outfit in your closet. Plus, it's a great fix for a bad hair day, because it'll keep you looking cute.

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