The Mental Health Benefits of a Wardrobe You Love ...

By Carly

The Mental Health Benefits of a Wardrobe You Love ...

There are plenty of people in the world who talk about the fact that if you are happy on the outside, it is going to translate to being happier on the inside too, and I happen to believe this has merit when it comes to your clothing. Of course, your wardrobe is only one of many different elements that need to be working in your favour, but it really can help. Here are few pointers on how fashion can make you happy.

Table of contents:

  1. colour
  2. patterns
  3. flattering

1 Colour

In the darker months of the year, the lack of natural colour in the environment can really have a negative effect on your mood. You can use your clothing to counterbalance this bleakness by wearing bright and bold colours that stimulate your mind and your mood. If you don’t find joy in the winter aesthetic around you, then make the effort to create your own seasonal looks with much more interesting colours.

2 Patterns

Similarly, in the times of the year when everything seems to be black and white and not stimulating at all, patterns can play a big part in improving your mood and your overall mental health. People react to you more enthusiastically if you are wearing interesting and bright clothing, which in turn can have a really positive impact on your interactions and relationships.

3 Flattering

You should never underestimate just how powerful and transformative it can be when you put together a wardrobe of clothes that really suits you and shows off your body and your style in the best light. Some people disregard fashion as being shallow, but it can hardly be described as shallow when wearing something that brings you joy can also boost your self-confidence and self-worth.

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