The Most Breathtaking NYFW Models ...

This year more than ever, the models of NYFW are making more headlines than the designer clothes theyโ€™re wearing. Some of these women are breaking barriers, others have already had a fashion faux pas or two, and some are being watched with extra care in case their A-List friends decide to pop up at the front row of the runway (Iโ€™m still holding out hope for a Taylor Swift sighting). These are the models you should be paying attention to this NYFW.

1. Madeline Stuart

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Madeline Stuart made headlines this year as the first model with Downโ€™s Syndrome to walk the runway at NYFW. She rocked it at FTL Modaโ€™s show, and I hope that we get to see her do even more at Fashion Weeks in the future, because I donโ€™t know about you, but sheโ€™s a model that I want to see in every show!

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