These Hilariously Fashionable Dads Are Taking the Fashion World by Storm!

If you haven't been following @fashiondads_, what have you been doing with your life?! Inspired by the many, many fashion bloggers out there, this parody account is dedicated to "fashionable" dads everywhere. Both the pictures and the descriptions are HILARIOUS and of course, hashtags are EVERYTHING.

1. St. Patrick's Day is a Real Inspiration

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"Today I'm heading to a photo shoot on the hog and chose to wear my lime green tux jacket with the satin accents paired with a simple green #CalvinKlein panty and a military green sock. I wish my helmet was green but you can't always have everything you want in this industry! #OOTD #StayHumble #AllGreenErrythang #HolidayFashion"

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