8 Things Not to Wear in Public ...


8 Things Not to Wear in Public ...
8 Things Not to Wear in Public ...

Unsuitable clothing worn in public seems to be on the rise. Now, as they say, it´s a free country, but it would be nice if people gave a little thought as to the sights they inflict on other people! Some garments don´t flatter the wearer, and are just wrong. Haven´t we all looked at someone and wondered if they own a mirror? Bitchy, maybe, but unsuitable clothing does tend to rather jump out at you. Here are some things not to wear in public …

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Oh dear God. Why do people think that anyone else wants to see their underwear? There´s a reason why it´s called underwear. That´s because it should stay UNDER wraps! But there are those guilty of revealing to the world the colour, shape and style of their undies. Put it away, people, nobody else wants to see it. Really, they don´t.


Whether it's peeking from below the waistband or part of an intentional "fashion" statement, flashing your unmentionables is a big no-no. Trust us when we say that it's neither edgy nor trendy; it's just plain tacky. And for the love of all things chic, avoid saggy pants that showcase your choice in boxer briefs or granny panties. It's not a runway look - it's an overshare that screams fashion faux pas.



Okay, I´m not some Victorian lady, who faints at the sight of an ankle, but I was somewhat taken aback recently by seeing a group of tourists who had apparently forgotten their shorts. They were walking along the street in t-shirts short enough to show their bikini bottoms (and this was nowhere near the beach). There´s a time and a place to wear swimwear – the pool or the beach.


While I fully support the freedom of fashion, there's a line where comfort clashes with civility. If you wouldn’t wear it to a casual brunch with Grandma, it's probably not street attire. Let's reserve the cheeky displays for the sand and surf, shall we? It's not about prudishness—it's about context. After all, we wouldn't wear a ball gown to a basketball game, right? Keep the bikini enjoyments to places where the sun, sea, and sand are ready to embrace you with open arms, and let the city streets enjoy a different spectacle.


Bra Straps

A bra strap is functional; it´s not pretty. These days so many women wear vest tops with their bra straps proudly displayed. It´s not necessary! There are plenty of bras with changeable straps if you want to wear racer-back vests, and strapless bras aplenty if you need support.


Consider investing in clear straps or bras that convert to a halter, criss-cross, or even a one-shoulder style to keep up with the versatility of your wardrobe. If you're aiming for a seamless look, there are also numerous options for adhesive bras that work wonders under those tricky outfits. Remember, your bra is there to provide support and shape, not to take center stage. So, let's tuck those straps away and keep our ensembles looking sleek and intentional.


Ultra-Tight Leggings

This is definitely unsuitable clothing for anyone. In fact, there should be a law against these revolting items. They´re not remotely flattering, however slim the wearer! Why on earth does anyone want to wear leggings that cling to their crotch and every inch of their butt? Save them for the gym (and no, that isn´t a public area. People have a choice about joining a gym).


Too Much Cleavage

A hint of cleavage is sexy. Too much just looks cheap. The worst aspect of this may be what´s been dubbed the ´under-cleavage´. That´s when the top of a dress is so revealing that it actually shows the underneath of a breast. Fortunately, this ´trend´ seems to be restricted to Hollywood starlets and clubbers, but there are still too many women who force their boobs into dresses that don´t quite accommodate them. Less is definitely more.


Flaunting a subtle hint of allure can indeed be magnetic, but overdoing it runs the risk of appearing distasteful rather than chic. Remember, fashion's aim is to accentuate your best features with grace, not to compromise elegance for attention. Opt for a classy scoop or a tasteful V-neck that suggests rather than reveals. Embracing modesty in this aspect doesn't mean shying away from femininity; it's about choosing sophistication over shock value. And frankly, the genuine charm in dressing is leaving a little to the imagination—it's both empowering and tasteful.


Falling down Pants

Guys are just as guilty of wearing unsuitable clothing. It´s a fairly common sight in most cities to see guys with their pants virtually down around their knees and their Calvin Kleins on display. If you´re eating as you read this, stop right now – I saw one guy dressed like this recently but it wasn´t his underwear on show. No, this guy was treating the public to a view of his butt crack. Ugh, is all I can say.


This trend seems to ignore the basic rules of both comfort and public decency. Sure, personal style is subjective, but let's not forget that there are lines that can be crossed – especially when it comes to exposing more skin than society generally considers appropriate. If your pants are sagging, not only does it make walking a clumsy affair, but it also risks a major fashion faux pas. Keep in mind, belts exist for a reason; to keep our trousers at an acceptable altitude and our dignity intact!


Bare Chests

Guys, put it away, please! Most male chests are only of interest to the owner´s partner. The rest of us do not want to see you in your hirsute glory. Nor do we want to see chests that look like the ´before´ section of one of those old bodybuilder ads. Besides, it´s so sexist that men can get away with it but women can´t (point 5 notwithstanding).


While you might consider it a testament to your gym dedication or easy-breezy casualness, a bare chest in public spaces can come off as inconsiderate or even tacky. Communities have diverse cultural norms and sensitivities, and displaying your torso can unwittingly offend or discomfort others around you. So, whether you're on a casual stroll or at a family BBQ, it's considerate—and often more stylish—to keep the chest under wraps. Let's normalize respect for public spaces and maintain a bit of mystery, shall we? Keep shirts on and let's lead by example, gents.


Nothing at All

Of all the things not to wear in public, your birthday suit is without a doubt the most inappropriate. Watch out if you´re visiting the UK, as you may bump into the Naked Rambler, who likes to roam the country without a stitch of clothing. But being British, we have laws against that sort of thing, and Mr Rambler has been spending quite a lot of time in prison as a result. Whether naked or not, I do not know, nor do I want to.

We´re all free to wear what we want, but there are some things not to wear in public, as a courtesy to other people! Okay, this article is meant to be tongue-in-cheek (mostly), but sometimes we all cringe at what we see people wearing. What is the most unsuitable clothing you have ever seen in public – or do you believe that people should wear whatever they want?

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I disagree with the leggings point of view..it's all how you wear them with a outfit...and what your body shape is....Leggings are never made to be worn bagging....

T-shirts without a bra underneath, especially, if the owner of the top has pretty big breasts. I saw a few older women in t-shorts with their breasts swinging around - not the best sight, believe me.

Alright all the kids make fun of me for wearing things like a Detroit shirt to yellow shorts. They make fun of everything I wear. It's like WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT ME TO WEAR?!!!

wow, all agreed, except I'm a leggings gal!

Really short short shorts so short u see their butt cheeks. Ew

Oh, I don't know - I don't mind the glimpse of a hunky chest now and then!

Also, g-strings and low-cut jeans/jeggings - when people in the street get an eye-full of usually tasteless underwear, when the proud owner bends over.

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