7 Things to Consider when Shopping for a Spring Purse ...

Shopping for a spring purse can be fun, but it can also lead you right into what I have come to think of as a purse crisis. You feel overwhelmed and end up looking at so many that they all seem to run together on you. Have you ever been there? Let me help you figure out what is most important when you are shopping for a spring purse.

1. Color

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First and foremost, you have to figure out what color you want when you are shopping for a spring purse. I have literally spent hours looking at purses for this spring. As I spent so many hours searching for the one purse that made my heart sing, I noticed two trends kept popping up over and over, bright or white. Those are the two biggest trends in colors for spring. I finally decided on one and it was the color I started out looking for and was also one of the trends for Spring 2014, white.

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