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Before you protest that thigh-high stockings are only meant for naughty maid costumes, think again. A retro glamour throwback, nylon or silk thigh-highs are actually very functional items that scream classic femininity with a hint of seduction(as opposed to your mother’s panty hose, which tend to mutter something about warming up a TV dinner and turning in for the night). Thigh-highs today come in many varieties for every taste: some have hold-up tops for when you’re sans garter belt, some feature lace, while others are fishnet, striped or even checkered. And after all, what would a garter belt be without a sleek pair of stockings to go with it? This seasons fashions are all about interesting hosiery! So embrace the thigh high. It’s a much simpler way to rock legwear without all the bulk at the waist.

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