7 Things Your Clothing Colours Say about You ...

My wardrobe is awash with various colours and patterns, but have you ever considered the things your clothing colours say about you? An abundance of research has been done on the psychology of colour and the things your clothing colours say about you and your home. Studies have also looked into the effects colour can have on your mood and energy and the impact it can have, not only on yourself but on the people around you. The colours you wear can help you build confidence too. Here are some interesting things your clothing colours may say about you and some tips to help add a variety of colour into your wardrobe.

1. Black

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Most people love black clothing and I'm one of them, but it's worth noting what things your clothing colours say about you, particularly when wearing this dark and sometimes imposing colour. After all, who doesn't own the staple little black dress (or two)? You may have noticed that black is a popular colour with villains or the evil Gothic fairy-tale characters; the simple reason being it symbolises power and authority. It's a popular colour for interviews because it conveys seriousness and it's obviously associated with mourning. However, a wardrobe which consists of mainly black garments might scream lack of imagination so try and throw in some colour. Wearing back with another colour or a statement accessory will also add impact.

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