7 Interesting Things Your Underwear Says about You ...

Do you know what your underwear says about you? You’d be forgiven for thinking this type of pop psychology is more suited to a magazine quiz than a journal, but it appears we may be wrong. A marketing campaign started by Hanes has begun asking people to reveal information about their underwear and personality, with the facts being recorded on a website. Here’s what they’ve found out so far – and exactly what your underwear says about you.

1. New York, New York

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It seems the first thing your underwear says about you involves how confident you are – and if you come from New York, you are likely to be very confident. The marketing campaign has had more underwear-related information from New York than anywhere else, suggesting that underwear wearers there are at lot happier to talk about their lingerie choices. Something to do with all those amazing shops, we wonder?

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