This is How Kendall and Kylie Topshop Swimwear πŸ‘™ Looks on a Real Woman ...

I've been dying to try the Kendall and Kylie Topshop Swimwear collection for weeks now, but ... I've been busy? Far too busy to try on swimsuits and (possibly) spend the rest of the day crying and questioning my dietary and exercise choices since I was six. Because truly, I loathe swimsuit shopping. But guess what? Writer Maya Allen, an actual woman with an actual real-life woman's body, tried on a few of their pieces, and she shared some dressing room photos and reviews. Here's what Maya had to say.

1. Strappy One Piece, Topshop Version

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This is what it looks like, in blue, on Kendall. Gorgeous, right? But how will it look on an actual non-supermodel?

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