7 Timeless Looks Every Woman Should Own ...

How many truly timeless looks do you have in your wardrobe? While there are always new trends to try, there’s no doubt that everyone should invest in the classics, too. Need something smart-casual for a formal event? You’ll have that covered. Want to impress a future boss, hero or potential new partner? You’ll know exactly what to wear for that, too. Here are the timeless looks that every woman should already own – check them off against your wardrobe!

1. A Smart Blazer

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A tailored blazer is the key to a number of timeless looks. It can be formal, stylish, sexy…let’s face it, there’s almost nothing that the right blazer won’t improve. You can wear it with jeans, little dresses, tailored trousers, skirts – the list is literally endless. The key to getting the look right is to find one that really looks like it was tailored for you. A great fit, especially around the stomach, is of vital importance. If your blazer is too big, it’ll look like you’re being swallowed, and you’ll lose that impressive effect.

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