7 Timeless Summer Basics Every Girl Has to Have ...

Timeless summer basics are a neat staple in any ladyโ€™s closet and the sooner you start investing in those, the less youโ€™ll actually have to spend each season. Finances aside, itโ€™s pretty nice to know that you can rely on your items for seasons to come, recycling a look with style just like Kate Middleton or Michelle Obama. A good piece, in my opinion, rarely goes out of style and now is a perfect time to look for bargains and acquire some of the following timeless summer basics:

1. Romper

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Classy, sexy, versatile or all of the above โ€“ if youโ€™re thinking about adding a few timeless summer basics to your must-buy list, you should definitely start checking out rompers. Easy to slip on even on the busiest of days, easy to pack for a vacation and oh so easy to wear day to evening with nothing more than a simple change of makeup and footwear! Perfect for a carefree summer!

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