10 Times We Loved Kim Kardashian West's Evolving Style ...

When she isn't busy making headlines for her controversial photoshoots, tweets and selfies, trendsetter Kim Kardashian West turns heads on the streets on a regular basis with her sexy and incredibly edgy style. With over 24.8 million followers on Instagram and countless magazine covers under her belt, I can't help but be in awe of just how much her fashion sense has evolved over the years. Whether you love to hate her or hate to love her, you have to admit that her style is ridiculously versatile. In fact, her ever-changing style has pretty much guaranteed her a spot on this year's hottest style icons' list (and the year has only begun).

1. Fun & Flirty Neutrals

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There is no denying that Kim Kardashian West (or just Kim K) is the queen of neutral tones. From this simple yet chic outfit alone, it is easy to see that she knows exactly what pieces to pair together to give off a stylish, not to mention ridiculously sexy vibe. I still can't stop staring at just how well her flirty peach top fits with her light pencil skirt.

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