13 Tips for a Smart-Casual Outfit ...

Of all the dress codes out there smart-casual is the vaguest and the most variable, and, in this sense, it can be quite difficult to get right. Basically, it requires you to don something that bridges the gap between relaxed, comfortable ‘every-wear,’ and clothes that are a little dressier and more formal. However, invariably, putting together an appropriate ensemble turns out to be more complex than this: there are always other factors to consider – venue, time of day, season, occasion …. To help you to navigate this minefield and dress appropriately, I’ve put together this list of 7 tips for a smart-casual outfit.

1. Understand the Term

It is useful to understand that the term ‘smart-casual’ denotes quite a strict system of rules: in other words, it doesn’t mean throw on anything your feel might be appropriate. The look should be well put together and polished, but not quite dressy enough to be formal. In order to strike this balance successfully, it’s a good idea to follow a few basic guidelines: no midriff shirts, for example, and, by the same token, no tiaras.